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*these prices are only valid at our Bay City location*

Haircutting Services

Haircuts ( Cut only, Includes shampoo) $8.00
Kids Cuts (under 10, Cut only, includes shampoo) $5.00
Bangs or Nape Trim $4.00
Beard Trim $4.00
Cut & Blow Dry (Includes shampoo) $16.00

Styling Services

Haircuts ( Cut only, Includes shampoo) $8.00
Kids Cuts (under 10, Cut only, includes shampoo) $5.00
Bangs or Nape Trim $4.00
Beard Trim $4.00
Cut & Blow Dry (Includes shampoo) $16.00

Up-Do or Long Hair Designs

Updo (Includes any style using bobby pins, a combined twisty style, combined style with corn row braids, freeze style, banana curl, French curl & ponytails $30.00
Under 10 $15.00
Braid or Twisty Style by itself $10.00 +
2-10 Braids 2/wash and dry $25.00
2 strand twist $15.00
Box Braids $40.00+
Locs re-twist $40.00+
2-10 Braids 2/wash and dry with hair addition $50.00+

Hair Color Services: Service includes style but not a haircut

Service includes style but not a haircut
Retouch & Partial Foil $ 60.00+
All over Color (gray coverage $30.00+
Bleach Whole Head $50.00+
Bleach Retouch/ Roots $30.00
Bleach Partial (10-18 Foils) $30.00
Cap $40.00
Foils with Bleach or color $70.00+
Ombre $50.00+
Bayalage $50.00+
Rainbow with Vivids $70.00+
Toner $10.00/oz.
Peek-a-boos 4.00/foil
Full Vivids $60.00+
Olaplex $10.00/oz.
Temporary Rinse $1.00


Other Services

Waxing Lip $5.00
Waxing Chin $5.00
Waxing Eyebrow $5.00
Facials $10.00
Olaplex Treatment $25.00
Scalp Massage (and conditioner $5.00
Detangle $15.00/hr.
Malibu Treatment $10.00
Hot Oil (mixture) $5.00
Cholesterol $5.00
Mask (w/clay…seasonal) $7.00
Shampoo Only $3.00
Full Set of Acrylics 25.00 (With gel polish) $35.00
Overlay $20.00 (With gel polish) $30.00
Soak Off (Shellac, Acrylic or UV Polish) $10.00
Manicure with gel polish $15.00
Manicure $8.00
Manicure W/Paraffin $10.00
Repairs (Acrylic, Silk, or Fiberglass) $2.00/nail
Nail Art (Glitter, Gems, and Designs) $1.00/nail
Pedicure $20.00
Pedicure with Shellac $30.00
Nail Trim $5.00

Perms and Relaxers: Includes Style and Cut

Sodium Straightener Virgin $35.00+
Sodium/Relaxer Retouch 30.00+
Perms $25.00+
Spiral $45.00+
Piggy-Back $45.00+

Massage Therapy Services

(Massage Services May Require Appointment)
½ hour $30.00+
1 hour $35.00+
1 ½ hours $45.00+
Hot Stone Massage $45.00

Notice to our customers: Bayshire Beauty Academy reserves the right to change clinic Prices at any time without prior notice.  We thank you for your patronage. If you have any questions, please contact an instructor at the school.  Please do not direct questions to students.  Remember that because we are a school, with students in training, many times they will not be able to perform difficult styles as they may lack the experience that can only be offered by an experienced licensed professional.  If you are seeking a Service that requires more than 30 minutes, always call ahead for an appointment.  Do not expect a student to always be available for walk-in services.


In inclement weather please verify that we are open before showing up for your appointment

I was a hair model today . My hair was trimmed and styled by Wendy. She did a great job. I will be going back for future cuts and styles, would love to get my nails done. And would love to get a color and highlights. Great job Wendy.
Connie M.
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